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Category Archives: allergies

The company you…

The company you keep – My thought for the day.. Why is it easier for people to accept someone not eating a particular food because they hate it, for whatever reason.. taste, texture, or even the way it looks? Then the person with allergies, with a valid reason to not eat it, gets funny eyed […]

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Allergies outside of the box

Allergies Outside of the box – Speaking from experience with my multitude of allergies, it forces you to think ‘outside’ the box.  What can I do now, instead of going with the usual, I can’t just grab a burger or sub, that wheat allergy put a big halt to that one.  So, how about an […]

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Eating out with allergies?

Eating out with allergies, can it be done?  All kind of thoughts run through your head after being diagnosed with food allergies. Do I toss everything in the house that has an ingredient of my food listings? That was one of my biggest questions after being diagnosed with 6 food allergies and counting. How will […]

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Food Allergies: what you need to know

Food allergies: what you need to know about the role your skin plays David Lee/Flickr, CC BY-SA Sara Brown, University of Dundee Food allergies are on the increase worldwide, ranging from minor inconvenience to possible sudden death, and leading to warnings of an “allergy epidemic”. The most severe form of allergic reaction – anaphylaxis – […]

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More people are experiencing severe food allergies than ever before

More people are experiencing severe food allergies than ever before Shutterstock Matthew Smith, University of Strathclyde The recent inquest into the death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse from anaphylaxis after eating a Pret A Manger baguette she was unaware contained sesame, could lead to a change in labelling legislation. Indeed, a recent investigation found that undeclared allergens […]

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You are not alone!

TAB Street | Allergy Free – Gluten Free Restaurant Directory – For most people, making a choice to eat out is sometimes just deciding what they are in the mood for, but when you have food allergies that choice becomes a lot harder. Not knowing which restaurant works with your food allergy or multiple allergies […]

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Chef from Myrtle Beach

Chef from Myrtle Beach An excerpt:  great time to share he and I had on our first outing together. He still wasn’t used to dealing with someone with allergies but he survived and I would like to say thrived. But only he can truly answer that. We were eating out at a place in Myrtle […]

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Allergic to Black Pepper?

An allergy, be it one or many just blew the lid off the ‘normal’ box. The black pepper spice was no longer a welcome addition in my house after being diagnosed with it as one of my food allergies. Then I began to learn where black pepper was hidden and not so hidden in the […]

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Is it really different?

How is one persons illness any different than anothers?  Especially when each illness can be considered life changing.   It’s amazing how a person can so freely offer to help with your illness and at the same time consider their illness different when you want to help with theirs.   Yes, it may be a different illness […]

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A Long Road in Allergies

Food Allergies – It is a new journey that started almost 16 years ago now. A journey that I am still on and will be on for the rest of my days. After being diagnosed, it’s not like they hand you a packet and told me how to handle my way through these obstacles, although […]

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