Is it really different?

How is one persons illness any different than anothers?  Especially when each illness can be considered life changing.   It’s amazing how a person can so freely offer to help with your illness and at the same time consider their illness different when you want to help with theirs.   Yes, it may be a different illness but the offer to help, to understand should not be considered any different. Everything has an emotional impact to some extent.  But what got to me was the refusal in the offer for helping that person in knowing how much that they have stood by me.  I say to those who aren’t used to having a kind hand or a kind word extended towards them, just take one step, one moment and try it let the person you have been helping, help you.

The one thing that having allergies and reading tons of labels has taught me is patience.   Patience in how the world sees you, patience in how the world reacts to you and of course the sympathy that is extended, real or fake.   Some run, because they can’t understand and some run just because.  But today I want to focus on the ones that help you and understand and even eat the same foods that you have to cook in order to have you not feel like an outsider.   They know this is something that you didn’t ask for and something that you have to deal with everyday and I commend them for standing by that person.  It takes guts and of course a heart of gold to include that person.  It’s really all food, the same food that everyone eats just done a little differently.  It takes courage to step outside the box!   Try even lifting the box lid and taking a peek… 🙂

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