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Centralized directory of vetted restaurants for food allergies and gluten free

Why is this important? There are over 32 million people in the US alone with allergies and they range in all ages, from young to old. Those 32 million people have family and friends that don’t want to exclude them on eating out adventures, road trips, and travel. So, if you just add one extra person to the 32 million you would have 64 million people who can find a listing. It’s not just for people with food allergies or gluten free folks the site works for, anyone else who is hungry and needs to find a restaurant that is close by.

TAB Street – started out of want to still travel and a sense of adventure both locally and on to the next vacation spot by its Founder/CEO. So we searched and gathered a long list of restaurants that have gone above and beyond and added the necessary information to their respective websites. These listings cover restaurants, bakeries, hotels and more. This is perfect for parents, frequent travelers, grandparents, friends and family of a person with food allergies, food intolerance, gluten-free and Celiac disease and much more. 

TAB Street is all about empowering everyone, young and old with food allergies, gluten-free diet and Celiac Disease. To help these millions of people with food allergies. No matter the size of the town, from rural areas to the city every listing that meets the criteria qualifies for a free basic listing. This will allow anyone (you don’t need to have food allergies to use the site) to pull up at home or on the road and see what is available within 150 miles (geolocation feature). We have an app for both Android and iPhone available now.

The Problem – eating out with food allergies.

– Not knowing which restaurant works with your allergy or multiple allergies
– Food allergies – Celiac Disease – food intolerances shouldn’t mean that you always need to stay local
– Food allergies affect both the young and the young at heart, including an unlimited amount of family and friends

The Solution – Gathering all the researched and vetted listings into one website. Current site the USA and growing sites are Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom so that no one needs to feel excluded due to food concerns.

So restaurants, if you would like to see if your restaurant qualifies or even if you are on a long list waiting to be entered, drop us an email using the above link.

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