ABOUT US – The idea for TAB Street was born when founder, Beate, (multiple food allergies and environmental allergies) noticed that there were no straightforward answers to knowing which restaurants that could or even would work with food allergies.  This put a damper on going out with friends and family and even traveling. Sure, there are always fall back foods, like a salad and hoping they had EVOO to have on the side. But it grows old fast wanting more, and wondering if perhaps the restaurant just next door or down the street would have been a better option and have more choices.

So, taking baby steps and a leap of faith brought TAB Street to where it is today.  So, that people with food allergies and gluten free needs can find  places local or while on travel to their favorite vacation spot. Only including restaurants that have gone above and beyond to have added that information to their websites are included.

The great thing is that the site uses geolocation to find something within 100 miles from where the person is located. Which means, you could be traveling down the highway, pull up the website and allow the site to know your location, set your desired choices and it will find something up to 100 miles from where you are. There are features that are waiting to be added, reviews, multiple allergy selection, adding menus only though when we can take the volunteers and make them a paid staff.  Keep watching for we are entering in the sites and doing what we can to get the research and listings in for the United States Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.