The company you…

The company you keep – My thought for the day.. Why is it easier for people to accept someone not eating a particular food because they hate it, for whatever reason.. taste, texture, or even the way it looks?

Then the person with allergies, with a valid reason to not eat it, gets funny eyed stares, or called high maintenance or even you are just a picky eater. There is something totally wrong in that scenario!

What if, no matter who you are and who you are dining with, just let them eat whatever they chose to have on their plate without the funny stares, or the flippant remarks, or the just eat a little bit, it won’t bother you attitudes.

Let them have their choices for what they want to have on their plates. Did you choose to sit down to eat with that person because you like to see what they put on their plate, or because you like their company? I know I would prefer to be with the people who like my company!

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