Chef from Myrtle Beach

Chef from Myrtle Beach

An excerpt:  great time to share he and I had on our first outing together. He still wasn’t used to dealing with someone with allergies but he survived and I would like to say thrived. But only he can truly answer that. We were eating out at a place in Myrtle Beach and we happened to start talking to our dining neighbors. One of them turned out to be a chef and he gave me the following recipe. Since I told him that I was allergic to black pepper.. among other things…

For Pork and chicken… sweet basil chopped fine… rosemary, sage and thyme…

For 1 2 – 4 lb pork roast – 1/2 cup of fresh basil, 1/2 cup of fresh rosemary, 1 tsp sage and 1/2 cup of fresh thyme… coat roast with gfree yellow mustard and sprinkle mixture on top… you don’t have to sprinkle the whole mixture.

To that chef in Myrtle Beach.. thank you!

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