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TAB Street | Allergy Free – Gluten Free Restaurant Directory – For most people, making a choice to eat out is sometimes just deciding what they are in the mood for, but when you have food allergies that choice becomes a lot harder. Not knowing which restaurant works with your food allergy or multiple allergies or even be willing to accommodate can make one just decide staying home is easier.

Depending on the research that you find, there is an estimated 32 million people with allergies in the United States.  This isn’t limited to just children having allergies, teenagers, adults and senior citizens can all have food allergies this doesn’t include the people that love them, work with them, friends with them. So, you are not alone! This website has been designed to provide both young and the young at heart information on finding food allergy restaurants and gluten free restaurants..

Created with the food allergy user in mind, the site only lists websites that have food allergy or allergies, gluten free information available on their websites. If location services are turned on your phone, you can locate within 100 miles a place to eat. (Plus, when needed the website may ask for permission to do so as well.)

TAB Street is here to make finding a place to eat easier.   The numbers for the restaurants are also entered when available to help along the way.

So, don’t forget to ask the questions that you need to ask to have safe travels when eating. So, whenever you are ready to explore to see what is available around you or at your vacation spot, click here to go to the USA directory.

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