What is TAB Street?
TAB Street got started as a way to eat both locally and on the road. With one or multiple allergies the founder needed to  know for sure that the restaurants that were visited had knowledge of allergies and that information was available on their respective websites. Only food allergy friendly restaurants, bakeries and more that have the information on their website are qualified to be entered in as a listing.
Do you have to food allergies or be gluten free in order to use TAB Street?
TAB Street is geared towards food allergy and gluten free folks but it can be used by anyone is hungry to find a place to eat.
What states are covered in the USA?

The lower 48 and D.C. have listings.

Which allergens are covered?

The top 8 allergens are covered plus any others that the restaurants have added to their website. Plus, any other allergen that the listings may cover and the information is provided on their website.

What is geolocation?

Geo-location(Radius) is a feature that can be used either at home or on the highway that lets you find a listing up to 100 miles.

Which restaurant qualifies to be entered into TAB Street?

Any restaurants website that has food allergy information listed on their respective website.